I am Michelle Glassbrook – naturopath based in Toowoomba, Australia; author of the recently published book Tastes of Eden; wife of my best friend of nearly 30 years, John, mother of two awesome sons; and someone who lives and breathes nutrition after using food and herbs to heal her chronic fatigue and crippling joint pains.

It is my family, my faith and the people who have crossed my path that have contributed to me being the person I am today – a person happily fulfilling her dreams! I now help others to achieve outstanding health and well being, empowering them to live the life they choose.

My journey into natural health began in earnest when I developed such terrible fatigue that I couldn’t pull the bed covers up if I was cold at night. It was painful to raise my arms to brush my hair, I had no strength to take a pot off the stove, I forgot what I was saying mid-sentence and I became extremely depressed. I even had to give my little boys (aged seven and nine at the time) a shopping list to do the groceries for me as I couldn’t walk around the supermarket – so inflamed was every joint in my 36-year-old body.

One day I had a life-changing ‘aha!’moment, realising that our bodies are designed to heal. I wondered, ‘Surely there are herbs and nutrients out there that will encourage my body to heal naturally?’I had no idea that this one moment was to change the course of my life.

I was then on a mission. It’s awesome to have a purpose to galvanise us into action, so I:

  • visited a naturopath
  • took herbs and minerals
  • radically changed my diet by cutting out sugar, animal products (such as dairy and meat) and glutenous grains
  • listened to my body and rested, taking many relaxing weekend breaks
  • prayed a lot
  • learned gratitude and to love myself for the unique creation that I am
  • changed my stressful work environment
  • trained to become a naturopath
  • found my ‘why’, asking myself why I got up each day and undertook the work that I did

For the past 15 years, I have experienced vibrant health, free from joint pain and fatigue.

I want you to have this kind of life-changing experience, too, and that’s why I’ve createda30-day, highly interactive detox program called Vibrant You. Life is too short to be half-lived, and you are definitely worth the effort it will take to feel the best you have ever felt.

I am so glad you are here, and I welcome you to a whole new way of experiencing life!

Lots of love

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