Do you want to experience heaven on earth?

Naturopath Michelle Glassbrook invites you to take a bite from Tastes of Eden, an inspirational recipe book that will wrap itself around your tastebuds and make you squeal with delight.

Featuring over 70 delicious plant-based recipes to fill you up from breakfast to beyond, you won’t believe that healthy eating can taste SO good.

Dabble in delights such as creamy-dreamy strawberry cheesecake, garden lasagne or decadent chocolate cupcakes, knowing that they are gluten-free, meat-free and dairy-free… and packed with the goodness of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.


Start your journey to better health with:

  • super-clear, easy-to-follow recipe instructions
  • sumptuous, inspiring photos that leap off the page
  • expert advice from a health professional who is the embodiment of vibrant health

Let Tastes of Eden gently guide you to vibrant, dynamic health with its life-giving recipes and loving wisdom. Your health matters, and so does your dining pleasure. Welcome to paradise!

Which recipe will you try first?

After suffering from failing health for many years, Michelle Glassbrook is now completely healed. Under the guidance of a naturopath, she transformed her health with flavoursome plant-based eating and herbal medicine. Inspired to help others, she trained to become a naturopath and now runs a busy practice. In this, her first book, Michelle takes you into her kitchen to reveal how you too can journey from the despair of poor health to the joy of vibrant living.


All profits from the sale of this book are being donated to A21, an amazing organisation that is working to abolish human trafficking. Your purchase will help young women all over the world.